Standard edition

67 photographs printed in tritone

10×8 inches (240 x 200 mm)
146 pages
4 gate-folds and 9 inserts
9 previously unpublished poems by Viviane Salles
Design by Ramon Pez


Photo A

Signed and open edition inkjet print

Young men from the Fazendinha Favela play soccer near their homes in Complexo do Alemão, Rio de Janeiro. During the FIFA World Cup, most schools are on forced vacation, leaving most of the youth in the streets.

Photo B

Signed and open edition inkjet print

Surfing in Arpoador beach, Ipanema, Rio de Janeiro.

Extraordinary work, as ever, from João Pina, this time on the World’s most iconic, yet unequal city, Rio de Janeiro. More than a book 46750 is an unforgettable experience

With his striking photographs, João Pina reminds us that Rio is also a theater of war.

It is a portrait of my experience of a city that is beautiful, but has been ignored in many aspects. I am going to the ignored aspects, turning my lens on that. Life has a different meaning in those areas.